• Jambu Wax Apple


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    This listing is for ONE (1) Maui grown Jambu Wax Apple SEEDS.  Syzygium samarangense or Eugenia javanica is also known as Java Apple, Rose Apple, and Jumrool. This small pink blushed pear shaped fruit looks like a cousin to Mountain Apples. The seeds are about the size of small marbles and will arrive to you germinating. 
    Add this and many more of our easy to grow tropical fruit trees to your tree collection. 

    We ship this seed inside sealed wet packed plastic bag.  Please be ready to receive your live seed on arrival.  Once you have observed your seed germinate indoors in the baggie that it arrive in, plant in a container of good potting soil.  Keep evenly watered and warm (between 75-85 degrees) at all times.  Direct sunlight is not needed on seedlings.  We keep our seedlings in full shade.  

    Please note that it is understood that the Buyer will research how to grow this or any other plant that they would like to grow in their specific location.  Written growing instructions are not offered with or after you receive your live Maui seeds safely.  We do suggest keeping your seedlings shaded, 75-85 degrees and watered evenly (never let dry out).  Once you have safely received, inspected, kept, + buried your seed, our part is done and you can enjoy your personal gardening project.  Temperatures too cold or too hot, as well as allowing this plant to dry out, are usually the main issues with these otherwise very easy to grow fruit tree seeds.
    All photos copyright of Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com.
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