• Jalapeno Pepper (Capsicum annuum)


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    This listing is for Maui grown Jalapeno (Capsicum annuum) Pepper SEEDS.
    There are 10+ (TEN) Jalapeno Pepper SEEDS in each pack.
    Add this easy to grow, container suitable plant to your garden.
    Jalapeno is one of our favorite peppers. 
     Here is our Families favorite SALSA recipe below:
    Equal parts, a third of each ingredient
    -Fresh Jalapeno Peppers (remove seeds)
    -Fresh Tomato 
    Chop all three ingredients up.  Make the pieces equal in size but not minced too small.  We add lots of our fresh squeezed Lime and you have the best Salsa ever.  No need to ever buy store bought again.  It keeps well in the frig for a few days.  
    Sometimes we might even throw some fresh cooked then cooled corn for color or little bits of mango.  This easy + quick salsa recipe is a perfect addition to any meal.
    Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding things about gardening.  Thank you for looking at the other edible plant seeds that we offer.
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your garden today...