• Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) Live Plant

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    This listing is for 1 healthy Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) about 6" high + wide. Jade Plants make wonderful houseplants, Bonsai specimens or gifts for a gardening friend. You will receive 1 fresh, organically grown on Maui plant shipped with bare root/no soil.   Your Jade Plant will arrive labeled with its name and tied with a bow.
    Each Jade Plant is packed in damp paper toweling/plastic baggie and is approx. 6" in height and width, similar in size to the last photo of this listing. Just place this easy to grow plant in a container with good potting soil and watch it thrive for many years to come. Jade Plant being . Your Jade will still arrive in peat moss and will need to have potting soil added within a few weeks of its arrival.
    If any leaves drop off of your plant just place them in potting soil with one end slightly buried and they will grow new plants. 

    Jade Plant is very easy to grow houseplant and by some considered 'good luck'

    All live plants ordered by Saturday evenings are taken for Hawaii state Agricultural inspection and then shipped out on Mondays, 3 day Priority USPS mail. 
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