• Ionantha Air Plant + Shell


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    This listing is for (1) Live Ionanatha Air Plant + Shell shown in this listing photo.  Delight someone, or yourself, with an adorable live Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant paired with a Maui found shell.  Your live air plant can be removed from the shell once a week for a quick bath. You may want to spritz your Air plant a few times a week.  Always allow your live plant to dry quickly, turn it upside down after watering.   Bright but not direct sunlight indoors is best for this easy to grow plant.   The Maui found shell (shown) sits upright like a small 1" cup and the live Air Plant will arrive tucked in it.

    If you are new to Air Plant gardening, please read up on how to grow this particular air plant in your particular environment.  Air Plants are easy to care for but have specific needs.  

    Listing price includes shipping and Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection.

    Your plant + Maui shell holder will ship on a Monday, after they are taken for Hawaii state Agricultural inspection.

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