• Ice Cream Bean Tree (Inga Spectabilis)



    This listing is for Maui grown Inga spectabilis ('Machete' variety) Ice Cream Bean tree SEEDS.  Currently offered in a (FIVE) 5 Seed pack.  PYour freshly collected seeds will ship carefully wet packed in damp paper toweling inside sealed plastic baggies.  Sometimes these fast growing seeds will have roots already growing the length of the entire pod when opened.  These seeds will germinate in the mail on their way to you.   These rapid growing seeds will develop into small trees quickly.   Larger seed packs offered when available.

      You can leave the seeds in the damp paper toweling/sealed plastic baggies that they arrive in for about a week (indoors, no light needed).  Please keep them warm but out of any sunlight until they are planted in containers of good potting soil.

    Written growing instructions are not offered with or after you receive your live seeds safely.   Please remember that Ice Cream Bean trees are extremely rapid growers.  With all tropical trees, you MUST keep them WARM and WATERED at all times.  75-85 degrees is the ideal temperature.  

    Ice Cream Bean tree is very easy to grow with the right conditions, is beneficial for your garden soil. Once mature your tree will produce  pods with an edible vanilla custard tasting pulp.   It took about 4 years for our Ice Cream Bean trees to grow from a seed to producing pods.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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