• Ice Cream Bean Tree (Inga Spectabilis) live 6" Tree

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     This listing is for ONE (1) Maui grown Inga spectabilis ('Machete' variety) Ice Cream Bean TREE/SEEDLING, about 6" tall.    
    Bulk pricing available when in season.  Custom orders and Combined shipping available.
     A lot of times this fast growing tree produces seeds with roots growing while still inside the pods! I will sometimes open a pod and see roots growing all along the entire length of these 'machete' length pods.
    Ice Cream Bean trees are extremely rapid growers.  With all tropical trees, you MUST keep them WARM and WATERED at all times.  
    Ice Cream Bean tree is very easy to grow, beneficial for your soil and produces a fast growing tropical tree.  Once mature your tree will produce  pods with an edible vanilla custard tasting pulp.   A Farmer here on Maui told me that this bean pod is a favorite with older Locals who fondly remembering eating the cotton candy like fluffy pulp from these 'Ice Cream Bean' trees as children-years ago, long before everyone on island had refrigeration for real ice cream.
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