• Hibiscus sabdariffa (Dried)


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    This listing is for one bag of our Haiku, Maui grown Hibiscus sabdariffa DRIED CALYXES.  There are 5 GRAMS of dried Hibiscus calyxes in each pack (shown dried as well as what the fresh hibiscus looks like). 

    Hibiscus sabdariffa is very high in vitamin C.   Add this tart yet tasty, similar to cranberry, herb to your daily routine.

    We love to create Hibiscus HEALTH TEA with this plant as well as a Hibiscus relish (instead of cranberry relish) at Thanksgiving time. 

    Hibiscus sabdariffa will create a gorgeous pink or pale red hue when added to food or liquids.  Make your own Hibiscus Tea (hot or cold) as well as fun ice cubes or even ice 'shot' glasses (shown).  Easy to use as a natural colorant in your favorite foods or beverages.

    We also offer our hibiscus sabdariffa SEEDS if you would like to add those as a listing variation.  There are TEN (10) SEEDS in this variation.  Hibiscus is very easy to grow from seed if you would like to add this wonderful herb to your garden.