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    Maui Seeds, the best and freshest available...This listing is for Maui grown Hawaiian Chile Pepper ( Capsicum frutescens) SEEDS.  Each packet contains 10+ seeds (harvested Fall 2020 for the 2020-2021 growing season).  Larger sized bulk seed packets are offered when available.    Please note, Hawaiian Chile Pepper seeds CAN TAKE ANYWHERE FROM 1 WEEK to 3+ MONTHS TO GERMINATE.  This is a normal germination time for this heat loving seed.
    PLANT IN WARMEST PART OF YOUR GARDEN.   All plants germinate depending on light and temperature levels where you are.  Sometimes these seeds will germinate in 1 week or they can take 10 to TWELVE (yes, 12+ weeks)  All are normal germination time periods for this fresh seed.  Please be patient when germinating this seed.  Your Hawaiian Chile Pepper plant will grow very easily once established.   Please keep your seedlings in a very warm spot in your garden and keep evenly watered.   
     Our Hawaiian Chile Pepper plants produce lots of hot bright red peppers year round.  If left to mature, they will grow into large bushes.   
    Chile Pepper plants in containers are just as happy as the ones planted in the ground, just smaller.
    Hawaiian Chile pepper is a local favorite. A simple Chile Pepper water can be made and kept on hand to flavor different dishes.  Please see the recipe in the listing photos.
    PLEASE NOTE that written growing instructions are not provided with or after you receive your seeds safely. 
    Growing anything from a seed takes patience + some degree of skill.  We guarantee that these are freshly collected + dried Hawaiian Chile Pepper seeds.  We do NOT guarantee your gardening success/skill at being able to grow this heat loving plant where you live.  Our plants just volunteer all over the garden.  We are not able to advise you on how to grow these plants where you live other than to keep them warm (75-85+) and evenly watered at all times.  
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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