• Hawaiian Air Plant (Kalanchoe pinnata) Bouquet


     This listing is for a small BOUQUET of Hawaiian Air Plant (Kalanchoe pinnata), an extremely easy to grow succulent plant.   Each bouquet contains (3) healthy branches with about a dozen leaves in total (shown).   I collect the fresh leaves from our Maui Garden.   I wrap the 'bouquet' with a second easy to grow Air Plant, Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish Moss/Pele's Hair).  A pink or blue bow adorns this small bouquet.  Assorted surprise soap samples added.  This package is sure to delight anyone that you may know.  
    I also offer this plant as loose leaves, not in bouquet form, please see that separate listing and photos.
     One leaf will produce roots right out of its side. As a child, this plant was fascinating to me, the way that roots would grow straight from the sides of the leaf. Simply place your Hawaiian Air Plant leaf in a container of potting soil. Water once a week, allowing to dry out between waterings. Eventually your leaf will produce beautiful 'chandelier' looking purple flowers, like those shown in the listing photos.  Totally surprised and amazed how easily this plant grows and the flowers that it displays.  Very easy for the novice gardener or children to have success with.
     These would make great party favors or unique Maui 'sourced' gifts for gardening friends.  It is fun to watch a plant grow right out of a leaf placed in soil (just bury the stem end of your leaves a tiny bit and watch this plant happily grow for you)
    This is one of the many plants that you will always see for sale in the airports here in Hawaii, since they are very easy to grow and popular with Visitors to the Hawaiian Islands.  
    Please note, your Hawaiian Air Plant BOUQUET will ship Monday mornings, USPS 3 day PRIORITY mail.  All packages arrive with a Hawaii State Agricultural inspection stamp on the outside.
    Surprise samples added to every order.
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