• Hawaiian Air Plant (Kalanchoe pinnata) Leaf


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    Try growing this extremely easy to grow succulent, Hawaiian Air Plant (Kalanchoe pinnata),  in your garden.  Every Gardener will have tremendous success growing this plant. One leaf will quickly produce tiny plants right from the sides. THIS LISTING IS FOR LOOSE LEAVES, each leaf is about about 3" each in size, they will arrive packaged together with one label. 
    *****Listing variations for more leaves (3/5/10) or a ONE (1) giant 6" leaf are also offered.
    Once your Hawaiian Air Plant is mature enough, it will produce spectacular + elegant 'chandelier' looking purple flowers, similar those shown in the listing photos. 
    ****Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection is included with listing price.*****
    Add this plant to your collection and prepare to be impressed with the massive set of flowers that this happy little plant will eventually display!  
    This is one of the many plants that you will always see for sale in the airport souvenir stores here in Hawaii.  Hawaiian Air Plant is extremely easy to grow.  I read somewhere that there is 'so much life force in this plant , that you can nail a single leaf to the WALL, not even water it, and it will grow'.  
    This plant is perfect for the novice gardener or for Children.  Try growing indoors in a container/as a houseplant or outdoors in your garden.  One leaf can be cleverly packaged and would make a fun and interesting gift or party favor.
    Simply place each of your Hawaiian Air Plant leafs in a container of good potting soil, laying on top. Slightly bury the stem end of the leaf. Water your leaf once a week, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. You will notice daily growth of tiny plants growing right out of the veins on the edges of your leaf. Such an easy plant to grow! 
     All plants/seeds will arrive with a Hawaii state Agricultural inspection stamp.
    Photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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