• Grumichama Cherry (Eugenia brasiliensis)


    This listing is for freshly collected Grumichama Cherry SEEDS (Eugenia brasiliensis) grown in our Haiku, Maui Garden. While in season, we offer this easy to grow rare tropical fruit in packs FIVE (5)  SEEDS.  Our plants are just starting to produce fruits and more of this seed will be available soon.

     (Back ordered seeds will be sent within the next few weeks as the Cherries ripen)

    Seedlings/live plants of this cherry are also offered, please see that separate listing. Your freshly collected from our Grumichama fruit seeds will arrive wet packed in damp paper toweling in sealed plastic baggies.  

    You may germinate your seeds in the baggies that they arrive in a dim indoor room (75-85 degree temps., no light needed until they have leaves).  

    Carefully plant your seeds in containers of good potting soil once they germinate in the baggies successfully for you. These are easy to grow seeds as long as they are kept watered evenly and WARM (75-85, no freezing temps. or frosts). Perhaps grow these tropical cherries in a container indoors and move outside when the weather is warm enough. This is a Brazilian Cherry, they like heat/sunlight.


    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com.

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