• Granadilla (Passiflora ligularis)

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    Have these fresh Maui grown seeds shipped directly to your door.  
    This listing is for 10+ (TEN) SEEDS of GRANADILLA (Passiflora ligularis).  The seeds are carefully cleaned from fresh Maui grown fruit.  Larger sized seed packets offered when available.
    We currently offer this seed DRIED.
    Please observe your seeds germinate indoor, no light, kept 75-85 degrees.  We have success starting seeds indoors with the damp paper towel in a sealed plastic baggie germination methood.  
    The seeds/seedlings can then be planted in a communal container of good quality potting soil.   This is a tropical vine and must be kept between 75-85 degrees at all times.
    Please note that Lilikoi vines will generally take 1 to 2+ MONTHS before they will germinate for you.  Vines like to grow at different rates, it is normal for them to not all germinate at the same time.  Transplant your faster growing seedlings carefully into individual containers.  Be careful not to disturb the tiny roots, perhaps use a spoon to scoop the seedling out.  Growing instructions are not offered with or after you receive your fresh Maui seeds safely.
    Please read all of our shop policies that you are agreeing to before placing an order.  Please also plan on researching how to grow this plant in your particular area.  
    Written growing Instructions or 'tips' with or after you receive your seeds safely are not offered. 
    Growing from seed does take some degree of skill (and patience).  Your seeds/seedling plants must be kept between 75-85 degrees at ALL times.   If it is chilly where you live, that may not be possible.
    You must also water your seedlings regularly.  We guarantee that theses are as fresh as possible Maui sourced seeds.  We do not guarantee your ability to grow these seeds.  Once you have decided to keep your seeds/order and have received them safely, we are out of the loop/not responsible what happens to them.   
    Again, thank you for understanding this policy before placing any orders.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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