• 'Golden' African Tulip (Spathodea Campanulata) Seeds


    This listing is for a pack of 25+ 'Golden' African Tulip (Spathodea Campanulata) tree seeds grown in our Haiku, Maui garden.  You can seed what a whole pod looks like in the photos (shown), there are at least 100-200 tightly packed seeds per pod. 
    Orange flowered African Tulip trees can be seen growing all over Maui, these seeds come from the rarer yellow colored 'Golden' African Tulip variety. African Tulip is a 15-20' pretty ornamental tree with yellow/golden colored (not orange) flowers. 
    This is a very easy to grow ornamental tree, can be invasive in warmer areas. 
     We had one of these African Tulip trees in our garden where I grew up in the U.S.Virgin Islands. As a child, someone explained to me how insects crawl into the  African Tulip flowers and cannot get back out. The idea of this bug eating tree was very intriguing to me as a kid, I saw it as kind of like a giant Venus Fly trap plant in my backyard.... In reality, the flowers do not 'eat' the insects like a giant Venus Fly trap but they do allow the insect in search of water to crawl into the flower easily.  The downward facing hairs on the inside of the flower  trap the insect inside and it cannot crawl back out.  The insects drown in the water at the bottom of the large flower blossoms.  The poor bug is eventually dissolved by the tree.  A little less 'dramatic' than I had envisioned as a child.
    *Surprise sample added to every order.
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