• Giant Papaya Seeds


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    This listing is for 10 (TEN) Giant Papaya SEEDS (shown in listing photo).  Grow your own giant Papayas.  The fruit shown in the listing photo weighs almost 7 lbs.   Even the seeds are massive.   
    Your Giant Papaya seeds will be shipped wet packed in a sealed baggie.  Papaya takes at least 5 WEEKS to germinate, longer to show above the soil surface.  Please leave a seed or two in the baggie that it arrives in if you would like to observe this seed germinate.
    Please note that we guarantee that these are fresh, Maui grown seeds and will arrive viable.  Once a seed is received, inspected, kept + buried by you, our part is done.  Please enjoy researching how to grow this plant in your particular area.  We do not provide written growing instructions with or after you safely receive your seeds.  It is always a a good idea to let your seedlings grow a root system before planting in the garden soil.  We do suggest starting your seeds in containers of good potting soil (please, no jiffy pots!  They dry out quickly and are not suitable for growing anything, get a real container please).   You can transplant the faster growing seedlings to their own containers.  
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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