Gardening Consultation

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This listing is for ONE (1) HOUR worth of personal online/emailed Gardening Consultation for one person/you with Tamara/ Owner.  Due to the high demand from novice Gardeners that would like ongoing gardening advice Tamara is offering her consultation services by the hour.  More questions will take more time to answer, so please be specific.  Tamara will keep track of how much time reading and responding to your questions will take.  (One hour minimum for this service).

This Consultation Service is for the new Gardener that wants specific advice about Maui Seeds products (seeds + plants only).   There are many phases in growing a Garden.  To start with, you must successfully address your growing situation and what will realistically live, let alone thrive, in it.  Getting your SEEDS to germinate and grow into plants with a good root system is also key.    

Growing tips and photos of Tamara's personal garden are offered with all listings but please be advised that Tamara does not offer written instructions, long term growing advice or extensive communications with the Buyer after a seed or plant order is received safely.   This listing is for the Novice Gardener that would like to learn more about how Tamara's process, how she successfully germinates her seeds and grows them into healthy plants.   A lot of times a Gardener will send photos +/or descriptions of their developing seeds so that Tamara can help them successfully identify what went wrong/right with their personal gardening projects and what to do next.  A lot of times knowing what to 'expect' at the different stages of growing from seed is crucial to their success. 

This is for ONLINE consultation with Tamara via email only.  

Please contact Tamara at with any questions about this Consultation service by the hour and what is included.