• Coconut Milk Soap (Fragrance Free) Face Soap


    Pure and simple ingredients create this perfect for all skin types soap. Transport yourself to the Islands with a bar of luxurious Coconut Milk Soap. I create this vegan cold process soap with organic Whole Coconut Milk in Haiku, Maui, HAWAII. This listing is for ONE (1) bar of soap, please choose your size/shape from a 2.5 oz. fluted edged/flat topped CUPCAKE OR a hand cut 4 oz. BAR.  
    I imprint 'ALOHA' with a custom soap stamp made from my own handwriting.  
    See for yourself the exquisite creamy lather that whole Coconut Milk produces.   This fragrance and colorant free soap is an ideal as a FACE SOAP.
    Pamper your skin with this simple yet luxurious VEGAN soap recipe are.  Our three Daughters adore this soap and so do their Friends-it is an excellent soap for your face and sensitive skin types.  There are only FOUR ingredients in my recipe:

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Whole Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Oil, (Food Grade Lye, which is technically gone after Saponification process), & White Kaolin Clay.

    The high grade Organic Virgin Coconut oil also gives this fragrance free soap a delightful lather and natural 'coconut' scent.  (I also offer this exact same Coconut Milk soap recipe but with a Gardenia Fragrance Oil added, please see that separate listing).
    All of the soaps offered are hand made and hand cut by me, Tamara (Tammy), Maui Seeds owner.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the ingredients that I use or would perhaps like to custom order a loaf of your own with your specified ingredients/colors/themes.   

    Soap is an everyday luxury that whole Family can enjoy and compare notes on. 

    Thank you for looking at the other one of a kind hand made products that I create and offer.  

    *Surprise samples added to every order

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