• Gardenia Coconut Milk Soap


    Transport yourself to the Islands with a bar of luxurious Gardenia & Coconut Milk Soap. I create this vegan Whole Coconut Milk cold process soap in small batches in my Maui, HAWAII Soap Studio. This listing is for ONE (1) bar of approx. 4 oz. hand cut soap.  
    I personally create, hand cut and stamp each small batch of cold process soap in my Haiku, Maui soap studio. Only one pair of hands ever touches this soap.  The 'ALOHA', 'Maui Seeds' and logo stamps are all custom made from my hand as well, further making each bar unique and one of a kind.
    The beautiful Gardenia flowers growing in our Maui garden inspire me to make this recipe (I take 99.9% of my own photos). 
    Whole Coconut Milk and Gardenia Fragrance oil create a rich soapy lather with an intoxicating scent. 
    The simple yet luxurious ingredients in this VEGAN soap recipe are:
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Whole Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Oil, Food Grade Lye, White Kaolin Clay and Gardenia Fragrance Oil.
     I use a dusting of Gold Mica for decoration on these scented bars.  
    Each bar is hand stamped with 'ALOHA' and 'Maui Seeds'.  Both of these custom stamps are created from my own handwriting further making each bar unique and one of a kind.  
    (Please also my find my similar whole Coconut Milk soap recipe that is exactly the same as this one except that it is unscented)
    Soap is an everyday luxury that whole Family can enjoy and compare notes on. 
    I included a photo of the Gardenia Lei that I made for our middle daughters recent high school graduation ceremony. (I have been growing these Gardenia bushes for over 20 years. I grew the Job's Tears seeds as well and they made pretty white beads to use in the lei also) Gardenias would have to be my favorite flower-but I do love of all types! I try to capture the look, feel and scent of each Maui flower, plant, botanical, or fruit in each new batch of soap.
    *Surprise samples added to every order
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