• French Cornichon (Cucumis sativas)


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    This listing is for (TEN) 10+ Maui grown French Cornichon (Cucumis sativas) SEEDS.   We ship these seeds DRIED.  These adorable small Cucumbers grow quickly.  Provide support for this vining plant to +/or allow it plant to trail along the ground.  Harvest these tiny pickles when they are still small if you would like to pickle them, they are perfect for your Home Charcuterie Board.  They will eventually grow much fatter/larger if left on the vine.

    Very easy to grow if kept 75-85 degrees.  Please note that we do not offer growing instructions with or after you receive your seeds safely.  Burying your seeds about the depth that they are the size of is a good gardening 'rule of thumb'.  Keep evenly watered and bright but not direct Sun/Light is best for developing seedlings.

    These plants do grow quickly from seed and you will have Cucumbers within a couple of months.

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com

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