• Flamboyant (Delonix regia)


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    Add this showy flowering tree to your Garden.  This listing is for a packet of FIVE (5) Flamboyant (Delonix regia/Royal Poinciana) SEEDS. 

    All seeds offered are Maui sourced, collected for the 2023 growing season.

    A listing variation for larger amounts of seed is offered when in stock.
    This heat loving ornamental tree will make a great addition to your plant collection.
    The seeds will ship to you DRY. Please research how to grow this tree in your particular area.  Plan on keeping this tree between 75-85 degrees.  

    Growing instructions are not provided with or after you receive your fresh Maui seeds safely.

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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