• Extra Large Yellow Lilikoi


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    This listing is for extra large Yellow Passionfruit (Lilikoi) SEEDS, freshly collected and grown with organic gardening methods in MAUI Hawaii. 
    We offer these seeds DRIED in packs of TEN (10) seeds.
    Easily start your seeds with the damp paper toweling in a plastic baggie germination method.  
    Notice the size of our regular Lilikoi fruit in the photo next to these extra large ones-the larger fruit weighs 9.4 ounces!
    Lilikoi vines will climb up anything nearby, a tree or fencing.   
    Lilikoi is wonderful tasting used in sauces, jellies, or baked items (Lilikoi Cheesecake is a favorite in our household).  You can see the fresh lilikoi juice shown in the listing photos. 
     Keep some on hand in your freezer to add to your recipes.  Great lemon or orange juice substitute.  Lilikoi seeds are edible and add a pleasant 'crunch' on top of desserts or left in with fresh pulp.  I like to eat them all by themselves with a spoon, seeds and all.
    Lilikoi is very easy to grow.  Your seeds are freshly collected from the fruit once you place your order.  Please give Lilikoi seeds a good MONTH or even TWO+ months to germinate.  Lilikoi must be kept 75-85 degrees at all times.  Like many vine seeds, they will not all germinate at the same time or grow in unison. 
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...