• Eggplant (Black Beauty)


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    Grow your own delicious Eggplants from seed.  Each packet contains 25+ SEEDS.  This Eggplant variety is called 'Black Beauty' and produces lots of perfect looking + tasty eggplants.  Perfect for the home vegetable garden.  These Eggplants are also a favorite of our Farmer's Market Customers.   

    We like to start these seeds in containers of good potting soil.  Once there is a good root system growing we plant them in the garden soil.  Remember to keep your plants/seedlings evenly watered and warm at all times.   We cut our Eggplants back hard after they produce and they just seem to like it and regrow even more eggplant.  There is a definitely a 'cycle' with these plants.  Do not be afraid to cut your plants way back once they get 'leggy'.  They will grow back even happier.

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com