• Eggfruit (Pouteria campechiana) 'Canistel'


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    This listing is for 1 (ONE) Eggfruit (Pouteria campechiana) SEED.  All of the seeds offered by us are Maui sourced only. 
    Eggfruit is also known as Canistel, Chesa or simply Yellow Sapote.
    We ship this seed after carefully cleaning wet packed in damp paper toweling inside of  a plastic sealed baggie.  We suggest observing your large seed germinate indoors inside the baggie that it will arrive in.  Once you have observed your seed germinate indoors go ahead and plant it in a container of good potting soil.  Keep evenly watered and warm (75-85 degrees, no hotter or cooler).
    Thank you for researching how to grow this plant in your particular area/conditions.  Written growing instructions are not offered with or after you receive your fresh Maui Seed safely.  
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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