• Dragon's Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnibari) Seeds


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    Add this interesting rare tropical tree to your plant collection. This listing is for THREE (3) DRAGONS BLOOD TREE (Dracaena cinnabari) grown in Maui, Hawaii. Your seeds will arrive wet packed in damp paper toweling inside a sealed plastic baggie. Maui is the perfect location to ship a wide variety of tropical seeds to the U.S. Mainland. All packages will arrive with a Hawaii State Agricultural stamp on the package. 
    Please keep your seeds warm and evenly watered (75-85 degrees) at all times. Never let the germinating seeds dry out. Perhaps cover your container of potting soil with plastic wrap to ensure that it stays watered. Do not place in full sun, your seeds will dry out. A warm area with a little morning +/or afternoon sunlight will be okay.   Please read up on how to grow this rare plant.  Written growing instructions are not provided.  It will take about 30-40 days for your seeds to germinate.  These seeds do not have a high germination rate.   These are freshly collected, Maui grown seeds.  I cannot guarantee any results beyond my cleaning the seeds, stamping them with an Agricultural inspection stamp and shipping them to you.  Once they are in your hands it is up to you to grow them.  Again, written growing instructions are not provided with or after your receive these seeds safely.  Thank you for understanding.  I get about 50 emails a week asking me to explain how to grow plants in different parts of the world/or indoors.  We grow everything outside here in Haiku Maui's year round growing season so I cannot advise you on how to grow these plants where you live.  Please read up on growing this plant in your particular area of the world.
    This plant will stay smaller grown indoors in a container and grow much larger if planted outdoors. 
    Once an order is placed, I carefully clean and wet pack the seeds. Most seed orders will ship within 24 hours of being placed. Maui is the perfect location to ship these fresh seeds wet packed/sealed in damp paper toweling to anywhere in the U.S. and its Territories. International shipping offered to most countries.
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