• Dragonfruit (Pitaya) Seeds


    This listing is for one pack of Maui grown DRAGONFRUIT (Pitaya) SEEDS. I currently have only the red skinned type with WHITE fruit inside. ALL SEED PACKS ARE FOR TWENTY-FIVE (25) SEEDS each. Your seeds will arrive wet packed in damp paper toweling inside sealed plastic baggies.
    Dragonfruit is a very easy to grow Cactus. You can start all of your seeds (each type) in one communal container or allow them to germinate in the damp paper toweling/plastic baggie that they will arrive in. Once your baby Dragonfruit starts to grow you will know because they will show 'tiny green tails'. Once they are a few inches tall you will want to place them in bigger, individual containers. Your Dragonfruit plants will eventually grow big enough that you will have to stake them for support. Please google 'Dragonfruit' to learn more about how to grow these plants. They can be started as houseplants/patio plants but will eventually get large-it is very easy to grow cuttings from even small pieces of this plant.
    Dragonfruit tastes similar to Kiwi fruit. The White colored fruit looks very pretty speckled with the black seeds. 
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