• Red Dragonfruit (Pitaya) Seeds


    This listing is for RED Dragonfruit (Pitaya) SEEDS. Please choose from 10, 25 or 100 Seed packets at checkout.  The fruit has a red skin and a deep rich red pulp.  This plant is a cactus that appreciates strong full sun.  Once this plant matures it will produce very large blossoms (shown) and then exotic looking and tasting fruits.

    Your Maui grown Dragonfruit seeds will arrive packed in damp paper toweling inside a sealed plastic baggie. You can keep a good eye on your tiny black Dragonfruit seeds if you let them germinate indoors in a dark area of the house in the plastic baggie/damp paper towel that they arrive in.  No cool temperatures please, 70-90 degrees is ideal.  In about 2 to 3 weeks time the little black Dragonfruit seeds will sprout tiny green tails that at first just look like a fleck of bright green moss.   They will slowly but steadily grow from that green fleck.  Once your seeds show signs of germination you can plant in one communal container of good potting soil.  Water sparingly, remember, a cactus.  Perhaps try both germination methods, see what works best for you.   WRITTEN GROWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT OFFERED WITH OR AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR FRESH MAUI SEEDS SAFELY.  PLEASE PLAN ON RESEARCHING HOW TO GROW THIS (ANY) PLANT IN YOUR SPECIFIC AREA.  Again, we do not provide written growing instructions ( a few growing 'tips' are offered to get you started above).   

    Please also remember that this plant is a cactus and the seedlings do not look the same as other plants.   Patience is needed when growing plants from seeds.  We highly suggest using the damp paper towel/plastic baggie method for germinating these seeds.  You can observe their germination development better against the white paper toweling than in the soil. 
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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