• Custom Maui Soap Loaf

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    There are only 3 items left in stock.
    There are only 3 items left in stock.

    This listing is for ONE (1) whole/uncut Loaf of Soap.  Tamara will create your own personal Soap Loaf.   Offer in 2 different sized loaves, a 'MINI' + a 'LARGE' size loaf.   Both sizes are shown in the listing photos.

    The MINI LOAF is about 20 oz.

    The LARGE LOAF is about 75 oz.

    Custom order your own personal Maui Soap Loaf.  Choose your favorite ingredients, fragrances + colorants.  Tamara would be happy to help you choose or perhaps you have a special event theme that you would like to coordinate with.  

    Please allow 6-8 weeks for Custom Soap Orders.   The cost of shipping is included with the listing price.  The larger loaf is quite large and heavy and will need to be shipped USPS Priority mail.  The 'Mini' Loaf will also ship Priority Mail.  We do offer hand delivery to certain locations near us if you are on Maui.

    We currently offer 2 sizes of Whole/Uncut Soap loaves. 

    The smaller 'MINI' Loaf will weigh 20+ oz. and we usually hand cut ours minis into TEN Bars that are 2 oz. each. 

    You can cut your loaf of soap into as many smaller bars as you would like.

    The LARGE LOAF weighs about 75 ounces.  Normally we hand cut our larger loaves into 18 Bars weighing about 4 oz. each.  A couple ounces is left over for the 2 end pieces of the loaf.  Again, this loaf as well as the mini one can be cut into much smaller bars.  Just giving you an idea of how many bars we hand cut from each sized loaf.  Tamara would be happy to cut your soap loaf for you if you would prefer not to have it whole/uncut.  

    Both sized loaves make a wonderful Table Centerpiece for special events.  Let your Guests have the fun of cutting a piece as an interactive party favor.  You can also cut + package your soap into a creative gift.  

    Order a loaf today to keep on hand for your personal household use or to gift throughout the year. 

    Soap has a long shelf life.  Good soap actually improves with age (hardens, lasting even longer).  

    Contact Tamara at tamarabockius@gmail.com with any questions or to special order your own Maui Soap Loaf today.