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    We are happy to offer this easy to grow seed.  This listing is for fresh Curry (Murraya koenigii) SEEDS.  Please choose your size seed packet at checkout.  Your Maui grown Curry seeds are collected June 2020 and will be packaged in damp paper toweling inside of a sealed plastic baggie.  Please inspect your live wet packed seeds on arrival.  It is also suggested that you observe the seeds germinate in the baggies that they arrive in before planting them in containers of good potting soil.   Like many recalcitrant seeds, the Curry must remain damp/never dry out.  Please understand that these are a live product and we guarantee that they will arrive alive. A SLIGHT FILM MAY GROW ON THESES SEEDS IN TRANSIT, IT IS CAUSED FROM THE RESIDUAL SUAGR LEFT FROM THE FRUIT PULP AND CAN EASILY BE WASHED OFF OF THE FRESH AND VERY MUCH ALIVE SEED.  PLEASE NOTE THIS FEATURE OF THIS LIVE PRODUCT.  The fruit pulp is carefully cleaned before shipment but the uneven surface of these seeds make it easy for a tiny bit of sugars to hide.  This film is harmless and is easily rinsed off with cool tap water.  These seeds are different sizes.  The will appear to 'break' or crack in two or more pieces as they develop.  THIS IS NORMAL for this seed.  A tiny root will develop from EACH part after a week or two.   Please observe your seeds in the baggie that they arrive in if you would like to watch them develop/start to grow their roots.  Again, they appear to break apart as they develop.   NOTICE THE LAST LISTING PHOTO SHOWING HOW MORE THAN ONE SEEDLING WILL GROW FROM A WHOLE/INTACT SEED.  You will end up with multiple seedlings growing from one seed.  

    What happens to the seeds once you inspect, keep + bury your seeds is up to you.  Curry is quick to germinate and will appear to 'crack' or break in two or uneven pieces pieces as it develops.  The seed is not 'broken'-it is developing/germinating. 

    Curry Tree seeds are quick to germinate but the plants are slow to grow leaves.  Patience is needed from growing any plants from seed.   Not understanding or knowing what your Curry seeds will look like on arrival or as they develop is not a reason for a refund.  If your seeds arrive alive/are green, our part is done.  Please have a close up photo of what it is that you are referring to.  No two seeds look alike, this is normal for this seed.  What is important is that they are green/alive and pushing out a tiny root around two weeks old.    Maui Seeds,  our seeds are as fresh as it gets.  

    Photos of what the fresh cleaned seeds look like are shown.  Photos of what the germinated seeds look like about 2 weeks along (after being cleaned from the fresh berries).  A tiny root can be shown as well as how irregular shaped these seeds are.   PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE LIVE SEEDS AND WE DO NOT OFFER RETURNS/REFUNDS ONCE THEY ARE SAFEY RECEIVED + KEPT BY YOU.   Your seeds are not 'broken' or 'smashed'-they are GERMINATING.   I personally clean the seeds from the freshly collected berries (also shown) once an order is placed. 

    At no point are these seeds ever allowed to dry out.  We ship these to you seeds inside a sturdy cardboard box, even USPS is not crushing these.  Please use scissors when carefully opening up your Curry Plant seeds in the sealed baggie inside the heavy duty shipping box.  

    Photos of what one of our 9 month old Curry plants grown from seed looks like are also shown for your reference.  They stay very small at first, about 4" high.  The leaves still have that deep rich Curry scent when crushed but are not ready for use yet.  

    Curry is a warm weather plant.  It grows very slowly, do not overwater this heat loving plant. 

    Please plan on researching how to grow this plant in your particular area.  Written growing instructions are not offered with or after you receive your seeds safely.   

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com

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