• Coconut Milk Soap (fragrance + color free)


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    Transport yourself to Hawaii with a bar of this luxurious Coconut Milk Soap.  Sensitive Skin types can enjoy using this vegan, fragrance and colorant free cold process soap daily.  Current bars are offered in a 2.5 oz. 'fluted' edge cupcake shape or a round bar weighing about 3.75 ounces each.  Every bar is created, hand poured + packaged by one pair of hands, Tamara/MauiSeeds.com Owner.   
    This soap is perfect for all skin types and seems to be everyones all time Maui seeds favorite soap recipe.  Coconut Milk and Hawaiian Cane Sugar combine to make an exceptionally rich soapy lather.  This recipe is Ideal for use as a FACE Soap but also very suitable for use as SHAMPOO, for SHAVING & the WHOLE BODY.  
     Please allow your bar of handmade soap to dry/drain between uses and it will last you a good long time.  A slotted soap dish that allows the water to drain is best.
    The simple yet luxurious ingredients in this ivory white elegant VEGAN soap recipe are:
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Whole Coconut Milk, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Food Grade Lye, Sodium Lactate (form of liquid salt to help harden the bar), Cane Sugar (for extra bubbles in already creamy rich lather), White Kaolin Clay.  That's it!
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