• Calamansi Lime Seeds


    This listing is for freshly collected from the fruit, organically grown on Maui, Calamansi Lime SEEDS.  Offered in packs of  5 (FIVE) fresh seeds.   Your seeds will arrive wet packed in damp paper toweling inside sealed plastic baggies so that they remain viable on there way to you.  

    At first I thought that this miniature fruit was a kumquat, or a tiny orange, but it is truly called a LIME. The bright orange skin is edible, you are supposed to eat the whole thing so do not try to peel it. These pretty little fruits have a very tangy, lemony taste. Try growing this container suitable Citrus tree for yourself. I have even added it to some of my cold process soaps and it is one of my Customers favorites.

    I would like to suggest that you germinate your Calamansi Lime seeds, and most larger seeds, in a plastic baggie in damp paper toweling. I keep several baggies of seeds on a tray indoors to start with, no sunlight needed-a dark corner of a room kept warm (70-85 degrees-no cooler or hotter). Date + label your bags of seeds and check on them often-plant in containers of good potting soil and water evenly once you have seedlings with a set of leaves. 
    Each Calamansi seed will divide into 2 or even 4 seedlings, so if you plant them in soil without the paper towel/baggie germination method you may be wondering if you planted more than one seed in each hole. Try germinating at least one seed in a sandwich sized zip lock baggie and see what I mean about them dividing, like many citrus seeds do.


    *ALSO, PLEASE NOTE, I do not provide growing instructions with or after you receive your seeds.  I send you the freshest Maui seeds available but beyond that it is up to you to grow them.  Please enjoy researching all the plants that you are interested or planning on growing.  I am an outdoor gardener with a year round tropical growing season, I am not an Expert about indoor growing or plants in your specific growing zone/area.  Please enjoy researching/using google about cultivating this plant in your area.  Thank you for understanding this policy.  I guarantee that these are fresh Maui seeds, I do NOT guarantee your skill at growing them to maturity.  There are simply too many variables for me to guarantee your success at growing these fresh seeds, I have no control over your skill level, the light, temp., water, etc.   If the seeds arrive and do not look okay/viable to you, please let me know-I do not offer refunds months later if the seeds did not work out for you.  Again, detailed instructions are NOT included and no refunds are offered after receipt of intact/viable seeds.

    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...