• Cacao (Theobroma cacao) 'Chocolate Tree' Seeds


    This listing is for organically grown on Maui, freshly collected from the pod, CACAO SEEDS.  Offered in packs of 5 (FIVE) SEEDS.  
    Your fresh Maui Cacao seeds are carefully cleaned and  wet packed  in damp paper toweling in a plastic baggie so that your seeds arrive viable, already germinating.  Try growing this fun tropical fruit tree for yourself or as a Family project with Children.  
    Cacao (Theobroma cacao, it means 'Food of the Gods') is the plant that Chocolate is made from. These easy to grow tropical fruit seeds will germinate in the mail on their way from Hawaii to you. They will arrive ready to plant, packed in damp paper toweling in a sealed plastic baggie. The Cacao seeds will germinate, grow white tails, in the mail, on their way to you. Please be ready to receive and plant these easy to grow tropical fruit tree seeds.
    Please contact Tamara/Mauiseeds.com Owner if you are interested in larger amounts of this or any other seed offered.
    Cacao can be grown as a houseplant and does fine in containers if you have limited space.
    Cacao is considered an 'understory tree' it grows well protected in the shade under other larger trees. Please grow your young Cacao plants in the shade, dappled light is okay once they are older. 
    PLEASE NOTE, Hawaii Sate Agriculture does not allow any fruit pulp or soil to be shipped out of the state. Fruit pulp/whole pods are not allowed to be shipped out of the state of Hawaii.   This listing is for the cleaned fresh SEEDS shipped to you with an official Hawaii state Agricultural seed stamp on the package.  
    *Surprise samples added to every order. 
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...