• Cacao Seed Sample Pack


    ******This listing is for a sample pack of TWO TYPES of CACAO SEEDS, ONE (1) SEED of EACH TYPE shown.  
    There is ONE (1) regular CACAO SEED and ONE (1) WHITE CACAO SEED.
     There are 2 seeds in total, each individually labelled.***** 

    All seeds are freshly collected from the pod.   You will receive ONE (1) SEED regular Cacao + ONE (1)  SEED of White Cacao (both pods/seeds are shown).  

    Your seeds will arrive carefully packed in damp paper toweling in sealed plastic baggies. A lot of times these fast growing seeds will grow roots while still inside the unopened pods.
    *****Cacao is an 'understory tree' and will require full shade and 75-85 degrees.  
    We ship these freshly collected, cleaned and wet packed seeds to you usually within 24 hours of your order being placed.  All packages arrive with an official  Hawaii state Agricultural inspection stamp on outside of package.  Your seeds will germinate in the mail and arrive viable.  Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of growing these tropical fruit trees for yourself.  
    Your seeds will sprout in the mail.  Please be ready to receive and plant them soon after arrival in a container of good potting soil. 
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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