• Blackberry Jam Plant (Randia formosa) Live Plant


    Add this fun plant with exquisite tasting fruit to your plant collection. This listing is for ONE (1) live Blackberry Jam Fruit Plant (Randia formosa) PLANT.  Offered in a 6" or a 12" sized plant, grown from seed in our Maui garden.   You live plant will ship bare root/no soil Priority 3 day USPS mail on Mondays.  Please read up on how to grow this plant.  We do offer a few 'gardening tips' with this listing description.
    When in season, we also offer this easy to grow SEEDS of this plant, please see that separate listing.
    The flowers of the Blackberry Jam Plant/Randia formosa form into small fruits. The petite snowy white flowers remind me of tiny Gardenia blossoms. The flowers will produce small green fruits. Once the fruit matures and turns yellow you can open it up and find the Blackberry 'jam' inside.  
    These plants stay neat and compact and seem very happy growing in containers or the garden.  We have a special area in our garden with a grouping of these plants  (shown in the photos). I give our Randia formosa acid loving plants in containers a 50/50 mix of perlite and peat moss.  I make sure that they never dry out  and also give them cold coffee grounds and left over cold coffee as much as possible.  Once the seeds have grown in to plants with a good root system I plant them in the garden.  
    PLEASE READ UP/RESEARCH HOW TO GROW THESE PLANTS IN YOUR AREA. Tropical plants must be kept warm at all times.
    All live plants ordered by Saturdays will ship Priority 3 day USPS mail on Mondays (after Hawaii state Agricultural inspection). 
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