• Blackberry Jam Fruit Tree (Randia formosa) 1" Seedling


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    Add this fun plant with exquisite tasting fruit to your plant collection. This listing is for a live Blackberry Jam Fruit Plant (Randia formosa) SEEDLING grown in our Maui garden. Each live seedling/plant is about 1" tall.
    I personally grow, collect and package every plant offered. 
    The flowers of the Blackberry Jam Plant/Randia formosa form into small fruits. Once they mature and turn yellow you open the tiny fruit to find the Blackberry 'jam' inside. These plants stay neat and compact and seem very happy growing in containers. I have my acid loving plants growing with a lot of peat moss added, about 50%. I keep them watered evenly and give them cold coffee grounds and left over cold coffee any chance that I get.
    PLEASE READ UP/RESEARCH HOW TO GROW THESE PLANTS IN YOUR AREA. Tropical plants must be kept warm at all times.
    I ship all live plants on Mondays (after Hawaii state Agricultural inspection). 

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com

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