• Black Kula Raspberry Seeds


    This listing if for 25+ Black Kula Raspberry SEEDS.  These Raspberries are a deep rich dark purple/black color.  They are organically grown in the higher elevations of the area of Kula, Maui.  I carefully package your seeds in damp paper toweling in a plastic baggie. 

    There are several ways to grow their seeds.   I suggest how I do it or what I have observed to 'work'.  You must never let your seeds dry out, even once, that is why I am a fan of the damp paper towel/plastic baggie seed starter method.  Date you bag with a sharpie pen, keep it out of direct sunlight and check on your seeds.  You can start many seeds at once indoors like this, on a tray.  

    You may choose to germinate your seeds in the baggies that they arrive in or place in a larger plastic sandwich sized baggie with a damp paper towel.  Once your seeds have sprouted you can transplant them to a container of good potting soil (being careful not to touch the roots, maybe use tweezers for transplanting.

    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...