• 'Bells of Ireland' (Moluccella Laevis) Seeds

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    Add this interesting looking flower to your garden collection. 'Bells of Ireland' (Moluccella Laevis) create stately green flowers. Offered in packs of TEN (10) SEEDS each, freshly collected from our plants. 
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    Please read up on how to grow this plant in your area. I plant my seeds in the kitchen garden and seem to have luck growing them like any other annual. I understand that germination can be slow for some people, make sure that you keep them in their ideal temperature range-around 80 degrees, never lower than 50 degrees. Prepare an area in your home/kitchen garden with good soil or start your seeds in a peat pot of good potting soil. Keep evenly watered. You may need to stake your flowers as the grow. 
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