• Banana Passion Fruit (Passiflora tripartita mollissima)


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    This listing is for Banana Passion Fruit (Passiflora tripartita mollissima) SEEDS.  Your seeds are carefully cleaned from fresh Maui fruit and wet packed for shipment to you.   This Passionfruit variety grows at higher elevations her on Maui and prefers a chillier temperatures than other Passionfruit vines do. 
    Please choose from 5 (FIVE) pre-germinated wet packed SEEDS or 5 DRIED SEEDS.
     Passionfruit seeds can be dried but doing so will delay their germination time when you eventually plant them in soil.  Freshly cleaned seeds kept damp straight from the fruit will sprout sooner,  in about  2 or 3 months time.  Dried seeds will go 'dormant' and when you do plant them they will need more like EIGHT or more  months to get the signal to start growing.  
     You may decide to germinate your seeds indoors in the baggie that they arrive in or you may decide to plant your seeds directly in a communal container of good potting soil.  Perhaps try both methods, leaving a seed in the baggie indoors so that you can observe when the seed germinates.  Passionfruit is a VINE and takes several MONTHS (not weeks) to observe the first of your seeds to germinate.  The seeds do not all germinate or grow at the same rate.  Vines tend to 'take off' ofter the first year.  
    PLEASE NOTE THAT WRITTEN GROWING INSTRUCTIONS/GROWING TIPS ARE NOT OFFERED WITH OR AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR FRESH MAUI SEEDS SAFELY.  We guarantee that these are fresh Maui seeds, We cannot guarantee what happens to them once they are received, inspected, kept + buried by you. 
      Please note that Lilikoi seeds can take about 3 + MONTHS to germinate (much longer if you request the seeds to be shipped dried or the seed is simply slow to germinate for you).  You will not see a seedling above the soil surface for quite some time.  It is a vine and the seedlings will not all grow at the same rate.  You can start several seeds in one communal container. 
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