• Allspice (Pimenta dioica) Seeds

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    This listing is for 10 (TEN) of our fresh Haiku, Maui grown ALLSPICE (Pimenta dioica) SEEDS.  Allspice is a very slow growing spice tree, making it very suitable for container gardening.  I collect the fruit and clean the seeds within 24 hours of your order.  
    I grow these seeds in our Maui Garden and I personally collect, clean and package your seeds. They are wet packed in damp paper toweling in sealed plastic baggies so that they remain viable on their way to you. 

    Allspice is a very slow grower. Your seeds will appear to 'plump up' and germinate after about 2-3 weeks. They will appear to go 'dormant' after this stage-do not be fooled. It takes about SIX months to see a tiny seedling about 1-3" tall. Allspices slow growing nature make them wonderful container tree specimens.
    I do offer live seedlings if you prefer not to wait to grow from a seed, please see that separate listing. 

    The aromatic leaves of an Allspice tree are used in cooking, the same as Bay leaves. All parts of this delightful tree are edible, including the berries produced. The can be dried and crushed or used whole in cooking recipes. For the true Allspice Lover, The fresh berries can also be frozen and eaten whole, the same way as blueberries.

    I grew these trees from the seeds collected from a mature specimen in our garden. We planted the Mother tree over 25 years old. The tree has stayed small and slim and is about the size of a large Christmas tree. It produces masses of glossy purple black berries every Fall. 
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