• African Violet (Rose Bouquet) LEAF


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    This listing is for ONE (1) African Violet LEAF cutting. Each leaf is about 2" in length. This variety of African Violet is called 'Rose Bouquet' and has variegated leaves and pretty frilly pink blossoms.
    Easily grow your own plant from one leaf.
    This leaf cutting is for propagation. It does take some skill to grow a cutting from a leaf and we suggest reading up on how to do this if you are not familiar with this method.
    Your leaf can be placed in a shallow cup of water to grow roots before being planted in a self watering (specifically for African Violets) container. You can also root your leaf by directly placing stem in container of African Violet soil.
    We ship this freshly collected leaf to you with the base wrapped in damp paper toweling. African Violets do not not like to have their leaves wet, so be sure to keep those dry.
    All Agricultural orders arrive with a USDA inspection stamp on package.
    Have the fun of growing this easy houseplant from just one leaf. We do suggest reading up on African Violets as well as investing in the proper self watering containers and some African Violet potting soil and fertilizer. Amazon carries all of these items.