• 7 Clay Soap


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    This listing is for one bar of 7 Clay Soap. I create this vegan, essential oil only soap in Haiku, Maui.   Offered  in hand cut  full/4 oz. bars and imprinted  with 'ALOHA' and 'Maui Seeds'.  This custom soap stamp is made from my own handwriting further making each bar unique and one of a kind.  
    Natural cold process soaps will leave your skin feeling clean yet soft and pampered.  All of these handmade soaps create a wonderful lather.  Have fun trying them all for yourself. 
    This recipe has Tea Tree and Lavender Oils only so it is suitable as a facial or whole body soap.
    Your handmade soap will last for a very long time if allowed to dry between uses.  Please allow it to drain on a slotted soap tray/dish.
    Each small batch of cold processed soap is created with premium ingredients:
    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw African Shea Butter, Hawaiian Distilled Water, Food Grade Lye (not present after the Saponification process), Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils, Brazilian Purple Clay, Russian Blue Clay, Green Clay/Montmorillonite, White Kaolin Clay, Brazilian Red, Pink & Yellow Clays.
    Soap is a truly useful and pleasing gift well received and appreciated by all ages and genders. 

    Send a little bit of Maui today...