Handmade soap is an every day luxury that the entire Family can enjoy.  Reduce your use of plastic by using a bar soap with eco-friendly paper packaging.  Many of our soaps are suitable for the Face, Shaving, + Shampoo.  Discover your favorite scents and ingredients.  All of our recipes are Palm Oil free.   Many of the recipes are Vegan.  Tamara uses an assortment of Maui Botanicals from her garden.  Herbs, Aloe Vera, Flowers, Exotic Fruits, Healing Clays, Dark Stout Beer, Oatmeal, Maui Honey, Hawaiian Spirulina, Coconut Milk, Goat's Milk, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Fragrance +/or Essential Oils.   Each ingredient will produce a slightly different lather. 

Created with the best ingredients available and food grade Lye the old fashioned way, with the cold process soap making method.   The Lye is no longer present after the 'Saponification' process is complete.  Each small batch is created by one pair of hands, Tamara's (MauiSeeds.com Owner).  Hand cut and stamped with 'ALOHA' + Maui Seeds business logo created from Tamara's own hand writing + artwork.  Each bar is one of a kind.

Tamara uses Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil + a large percentage of Raw African Shea Nut Butter in most of her soap recipes.  
You can help your handmade bar of soap last even longer by allowing it to dry between uses.  A slotted soap dish that drains the water away from the bar of soap is ideal for this purpose.
Feed all of your senses at once with a bar or two of Maui Seeds Soaps.  Your skin will feel clean, soft + pampered after each use.  
Discover your favorite ingredients + scents today.
Aloha from Haiku, Maui~Tamara + Sam Bockius