Every batch of Maui Seeds Soap is created by one pair of hands, Tamara/MauiSeeds.com Owner, using the old fashioned cold process soap making method.  

Most of the recipes offered are vegan (the couple that do contain Maui Honey are listed).

Assorted botanicals from our Maui garden and the beauty of Maui inspire every small batch of soap.  

Tamara is a life long Quilter and enjoys choosing new themes and color combinations for each small batch of soap.  Most people have a favorite scent or plant.  Find your special flower, fruit, plant or Maui memory.  Enjoy using several scents at once or perhaps give or order for yourself a 'Soap of the Month Club' membership.  You can look forward to sampling new types of soaps monthly and discover what your favorites are.   Soap of the Month Club Members can look forward to receiving Tamara's latest limited edition soap creations for each month of membership. 

Soap is a truly useful, every day luxury that is a gender neutral gift all ages will appreciate.

Feel the luxurious bubbly lather that handmade soap creates.  Your skin will feel clean + pampered after using.   Your skins natural oils are left when using real soap.  

Most of the skin loving soaps offered are created with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a large percentage of raw African Shea Butter.  A liquid mixture of Hawaiian Distilled Water (or an herbal Tea or fresh Aloe Vera juice) is added to Food Grade Lye (Sodium Hydroxide).  Sodium lactate/liquid salt is added to create an even harder longer lasting bar of soap.  This lye liquid is added and mixed to the cooled oils and the magic of the Saponification process happens, a chemical reaction.   This is called the 'cold process' soap making method but the batch of soap does heat up.  Once the 'raw' or hot soap is poured into a mold, the soap is released from the wood soap mold, hand cut and left to 'cure' (dry) at room temperature for 4-6 weeks.  The result is a truly pleasing long lasting bar of made on Maui Shea butter soap.

 'Real' soap is made with lye/sodium hydroxide (that is why store bought soaps must technically be labeled as 'detergents' or 'beauty bars' and are not allowed to call/label themselves 'soap' since the term 'soap' only applies to a bar that actually did go through the saponification process.  

True soap, handmade good old fashioned lye soap, will last much longer than commercial soap if allowed to dry and harden between uses.   PLEASE NEVER ALLOW YOUR HANDMADE SOAPS TO SIT IN A POOL OF WATER.  A draining soap dish of some sort is best to allow your bar of soap to dry between uses.  You can also just cut a bar in half or a small piece off to use instead of getting an entire quarter pound (4 oz.) bar of soap wet.  You will be amazed how long even a small piece of this soap lasts.  

Assorted Maui botanicals, clays, charcoal, seeds, herbs, fruit and flowers are added to each batch.  A fragrance or essential oil is matched to the soap colors/theme.  Some batches are left unscented and color free for the most sensitive skin types.  Other bars have a wonderful floral or spicy scent.  Please ask Tamara is you are not sure what type of soap is best for your skin type.  A lot of the soaps offered have multiple uses, good for SHAMPOO, SHAVING, FACE, BODY and even LAUNDRY.   If you have very sensitive skin only use the fragrance and color free soaps.  Your skin will retain its natural oils and feel softer after using these soaps. 

Created, hand cut and packaged in Haiku, Maui.  

Please contact Tamara with any questions or to place custom orders. 

Current in stock soaps that are cured and ready to ship are listed.