Welcome to Maui Seeds, the small business that I started and base from our 2 acre Family Farm in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. Blessed with three daughters, my husband, Sam, and I have been cultivating this property since 1994. We are delighted to share with you the different types of easy to grow edible and medicinal seeds, plants and trees abundant in our Maui Garden.
Healthy living is a lifestyle here on the island of Maui.  The foods that you eat, what you grow in your garden, to the soap that you put on your skin. Any substance on your skin is absorbed and is the same as eating it. Here at Maui Seeds we are all about enjoying the outdoors and embracing plants and natural healthy lifestyle. 

Raising three daughters we have gained some experience of what natural products work with sensitive skin types (eczema prone children). I highly suggest using natural skin care products whenever possible. Each family member will have different skin care needs.   Many of these long lasting cold process soaps are perfect for multiple uses (Shampoo, Face, Whole Body, Shaving). 
Maui's year round growing climate and reasonable quick shipping to the US and its Territories make it THE perfect choice for your tropical plants and seed selections. Plus, I am pretty helpful and guarantee most everything (please read our valued Customer reviews if possible).
I taught myself how to make soap about 3 years ago and enjoy channeling my 27+ years of Quilting experience into every bar.  New themes, ingredients and color combinations add a unique 'Maui' element to each small batch of cold process soap offered. You will find beneficial herbs, Hawaiian sea salts, bark, assorted healing clays, local honeys, tropical fruit and Maui botanicals from our garden in each bar...
I like to include surprise samples. 
It is our greatest joy to be able to share a little bit of Maui with everybody, in some way. 
Thank you for looking and we hope that there is something in there that makes you smile :)

Customer service and overall satisfaction with your Maui Seeds Experience is our main priority. 

This link is to my Etsy shop where I originally started this company.  Thank you in advance for taking a moment to scan the 400+ Reviews posted by happy Friends of Maui Seeds here:


Please let me, Tamara (Tammy) Bockius, Owner, know if you have any questions, concerns or special requests.