Welcome to Maui Seeds, our home based online business run from our 2 acre Family Farm in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.  We (Tamara, and her husband of 34 years, Sam) are avid life long Windsurfers + Gardeners.  We are delighted to share with you the different types of easy to grow edible and medicinal seeds, plants and trees abundant here on Maui.  Blessed to raise three daughters for the past 25 years in the house that we built.  What was once an empty field is now a flourishing mature Maui garden. 

Maui's year round growing climate and reasonable quick shipping to the US and its Territories make it the perfect choice for your tropical plants and seed selections.
 Tamara creates every bar of soap offered.  Discover your favorite themes, ingredients and scent/color combinations.   A unique 'Maui' element is added to each small batch of cold process soap.  You will find beneficial herbs, Hawaiian sea salts, flower petals, assorted healing clays, local honeys, tropical fruit and Maui botanicals in every bar...
It is one of our greatest joys to be able to share a little bit of Maui with everybody in some way. 
Thank you for looking and we hope that there is something in there that makes you smile. 

The state of Hawaii recently asked if they could send their team over to film Tamara creating soap + in the garden.  Please enjoy the video link below that they posted at their Instagram (and Facebook) pages.  Tamara/Maui Seeds Owner + Soap Maker is shown creating a batch of her signature Maui Lilikoi soap.  The bars are shown being imprinted with 'ALOHA' with a custom stamp made from Tamara's own handwriting.  The link to the short video can be found here:

 Thank you also for finding us at our original online store,, and for taking a moment to scan the 1400+ (mostly) five star Reviews posted by many happy Friends of MauiSeeds there: